On Feb. 17, 2018, Trinity Marie Buel enjoyed her last ride with her friends and said "peace out" to all her earthly ties. Trinity was a senior at Alton High School who excelled academically. She was an avid writer. She also had a strong work ethic when it came to her job at Steak 'n Shake, where she had been employed for over a year and recently received a promotion to become a trainer.

But none of that really mattered much to Trinity. What mattered most to her were her dogs, Max, Scarlet, Maggie, Althea, Titan, Prophet and Chewy, and her passion to rescue every dog that needed help or love on the face of the Earth. She also had a deep love for music and enjoyed jamming out with her friends and family and going to concerts. Trinity longed to travel and enjoyed several trips in her short time on Earth to many places including Mexico, Florida, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Indiana. She was planning on taking her first European trip this summer and was proud that she had worked hard to pay for it herself.

Trinity was honest and real, always remaining true to her individuality in this difficult world. To those fortunate enough to know her, she radiated light and love and strength that can never be duplicated by another person. 


March 17, 2018

Clean it up for Trinity

Piasa Bird Alton, IL

April 28, 2018

Alton City Wide Clean Up

Alton, IL

May 12, 2018

Trinity Music Festival

VFW Cottage Hills, IL

On May 12, we hosted our first pet food drive at Trinity River Festival to provide support for the RiverBend Pet Food Pantry and SNIP Alliance. The drive brought in over 250lbs of food and more than $300 in donations to support SNIP's mission to save lives by providing low-cost spay and neuter services. We are so thankful for everyone who donated and made this event a success!!

Pet Food Drive
for RiverBend Pet Food Pantry
Photo courtesy of SNIP Alliance